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Our Mission

Our Mission

Daystar provides a long-term, transitional home for women who have experience abuse and trauma in their life.

Economic vulnerability and the threat of homelessness serve to keep many women trapped in abusive environments. Daystar exists to help women move beyond overcoming their barriers to exploring their capacity.

Daystar’s individualized service design and the two years of housing provided encourages each woman to set and achieve goals that have meaning for her life. Be it health, income, education or employment, virtually every Daystar resident will accomplish something during her stay that will move her life forward.

At Daystar, women build new networks of healthy support. We become the foundation on which they can gain power, re-build their lives and change their world. They receive the indivudal support that they need to learn to trust again. The committed staff encourages and guides them through their journey of healing with the ultimate goal of becoming self reliant.

Our History

BestColeusDaystar, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Sister Irene Kay whose order, the Sisters of Mercy, was once at the center of health, education and social justice ministries in the region. At the forefront of the domestic violence movement, Milwaukee already had two emergency shelters for victims by that time, both of which teamed with the voices of the children who also found safety inside their walls. What did not exist was a haven for women without children, a sanctuary into which a mature battered woman could retreat and seek to rebuild her life. Sr. Irene’s vision was for just such a space, a transitional facility where women could heal, put their lives in perspective and emerge self-confident. Her vision became Daystar.